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EPA Application

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Residency is a time of exponential learning and how better to supplement this learning then by moonlighting and applying everything you learn to real-world patient care. With my personal interests in urgent care - emergency medicine, I am able to further expand my scope of education and clinical experience with EPA. Their courteous staff has a genuine understanding of "the resident" schedule, and truly work with the resident in scheduling hours that best fit our busy schedule. With multiple locations and friendly ER staff, EPA offers excellent clinical opportunities that challenge me as a physician and makes transition to real life practice a wonderful experience.

Dr. Larry Ladi

They're more than a contracted service.  They're a significant part of our hospital.

Robert J. Richard

Buchanan County Health Center

Moonlighting for EPA has been such a great experience. It gave me the chance to evaluate and treat conditions that I haven't come across yet in residency. It has taught me to be efficient, thorough, and to think on my feet. It has really improved my skills in the office. You can tell clinically who moonlights and who doesn't. The money is not bad either. It's an opportunity that shouldn't be missed!

Dr. Matthew J. Roes

I have found moonlighting with EPA to be an essential component of my residency education. I have learned so much by working independently, and the confidence I am developing as a result is wonderful. I feel so much more prepared to step out into the "real world" now that I have practiced medicine without someone looking over my shoulder. In fact, I had a much better experience as a senior resident due to this experience, and felt much more competent to direct the inpatient service. Although the independence can be intimidating, I never felt abandoned, as there were always local physicians a phone call away if I really needed them. I strongly recommend moonlighting to any resident; it will enhance your residency experience, and increase your confidence dramatically.

Scheduling with EPA is almost too easy; they are extremely flexible, and I was able to work all the weekends I wanted. If there were more intense months in my residency program, I was able to let them know that I could not work, and that was just fine. The staff are great to work with; they even send you treats in the mail for holidays!

Dr. Andrea Venteicher